The Platform


BUILD political systems, political alliances, collaborative activities and friendships with organizations and community stakeholders with similar goals & interests.

LOBBY for legislation that addresses mass incarceration, judicial activism, police brutality and re-directs restorative resources to those most adversely affected.

ORGANIZE the interests, desires, tastes, passions, values, ideals and motives of returning citizens and community stakeholders under a shared political agenda.

CAMPAIGN for politicians who sign onto the BLOC party platform and philosophy. Political accountability must take place before one stuffs a ballot box, and continue after a candidate is in office.


BLOC party members must:

  • Know the reality of political situations: Realize you have politicians, ideologies, people and legislation politically aligned against your interests. Identify their aims, their goals and make informed decisions.


  • Political individualism is political suicide, only as a collective can we succeed: Individual choice at the polls is an illusion crafted and framed around the political aims of organized groups of people.


  • The nature of your organization determines your power: Voting without political infrastructure in a society controlled by competing infrastructures means your community is facing disaster and the real threat of economic collapse.


  • Practice group politics & economics: We must build a value network of innovative businesses and financial institutions responsible for the creation, maintenance and expansion of an economy. Simply put; we must control the economies of the communities in which we live.


Principles and Preparation.

The BLOC Party seeks to supplant decades of stagnant political leadership with sound political infrastructure and values. In doing so we will attract and support public servants dedicated to bettering the lives and communities adversely impacted by the system of mass incarceration in real terms.

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